The service relation

Q.Is purchase method agency sale?

A.No. We don't establish an agency, so it'll be sale directly.

Q.Which state will a receiving method of a product be?

 A.After receiving an order from a customer, our product will be the Build To Order I produce.
    It's in a store, I don't deliver, so after product completion, I'll ship it off.
    Our charge will sometimes bring it in by the situation, so please accept it.

Q.Which state will a method of payment be?

A.Origin is making a method of payment enter into an individual agreement with a customer. It's trouble, but please consult with our charge.
  It'll be only paying correspondence about you handling end short due date order items in us, so please accept it.

Q.Which state will shipping off method be?

A.We covenant with designation traders, so it'll be correspondence by that.
  We'll bear except for end short due date order items about shipping charge. Please accept it in a customer burden about end short due date order   items.Please refer to "your order method" for details.

The product relation

Q.What is a crystal device?

A.A decor seems general for remembering by a crystal. But the synthetic quartz which shows the important function for electronic component and   optics is shown with the crystal we say.
  Why is a crystal in an electronic component? The person who seems seems whether is necessary for a question, so I'd like to dig and explain
  mechanism a little.
  Crystal history is that Jack Curie and Pierre curie brother (wife Mary For a curie, finder of radium) found that there is piezoelectric phenomena in a   crystal in 1880.
  The origin as the electronic component.
  When I say piezoelectric phenomena, the ring is difficult, but when a stimulus (mechanical pressure) is added to a crystal when it's summarized,   it's to wear and oscillate an electric charge. But I keep stimulating a crystal and it's used.
  It's the case that Lippman pours electricity into a crystal to do from being efficiency-less, and that they may oscillate, it depended on reverse idea   and was the crystal foundation now.
  Crystal goods using this piezoelectric phenomena is called crystal oscillator quartz oscillators.

Q.What is synthetic quartz?

 A.The quality doesn't become stable and also costs a lot of money because there is looseness in impurities and the shape when trying to
   manufacture a crystal oscillator quartz oscillator using natural quartz crystal.
   So it's cheap and synthetic quartz with the stable quality can be used. Synthetic quartz is brought by hydrothermal synthesis method up using the
   hot high pressure vessel called "autoclave".
   An upbringing crystal is installed in the autoclave and a RAS mosquito (piece of natural quartz crystal) is put in. When those are brought up under    the environment of 140Mpa 400 ℃ for several months, it's synthetic quartz in an upbringing crystal.
   It's formed. (Quotation origin: Japanese crystal device industrial meeting)

Q.What is a cut direction of synthetic quartz?

 A.It's different in the various frequency range and temperature special quality depending on cut directions of synthetic quartz.
   Since putting it in the cut called a general AT cut, the frequency which are 800kHz-200MHz and wide range using "thickness slippery vibration" can    be covered.
   The temperature special quality is also flat and I find out that a movement is little and stable. There are also BT cuts and DT cuts, etc. in others,    and it's different in the frequency range and vibration mode respectively.
   (Quotation origin: Japanese crystal device industrial meeting)

Q.Are there repairing of a clock and handling?

A.No. That I say quartz, a clock, there is a person who remembers, but we're an electronic component manufacturer and repairing sale of a clock
  treats and is not.