Privacy Policy

A corporation Then Vectron(in the following, we) obeys a decree about personal information and other models and does thoroughgoingness for protection of customer's important personal information.

About collection of personal information

In our company, personal information is collected in the area necessary to the following occasion.

  • At the time of a question to us
  • At the time of dealings with us

About the use purpose of personal information

We'll use the personal information collected from a customer for the purpose of the next.

  • For a contact to a customer
  • For an answer to a question from a customer
  • In general about dealings with a customer

About an offer to a third person of personal information

A customer elucidates or in our company, doesn't offer acquired personal information to a third person.

But, it's removed in case of the next.

  • The occasion with one's own agreement
  • When a request from the police is a request from government offices
  • When it's applied to a law

About elucidation of personal information and correction, etc..

When there was a demand by which self information from the customer person himself is elucidation, correction and elimination, etc., we meet certainly.

Inquiry about personal information protection

TEL. 0081-42-643-6050 FAX. 0081-42-643-6055