Quality priority Due date strict observance I'll respond to the customer's trust with a policy of a fair price and contribute to society widely.
I'll encourage in self-development, improve the ability of the individual, make fair equality usual, account with awareness as a professional and make  an effort for company development.
I'm aiming at personal ideal realization and also make it a place by the character formation and am aiming at the enterprise simple and distinctive as a professional group.
A customer Evil company 3 people will grind on with spirit of two profit in the purchase other side.

Simple is best,Small is beautiful

President Message

Our product is never flashy. But a car and cellular phone medical equipment walkie-talkie computer-are various at a close place, it passes and you're using.
A strong man in a so-called space under the porch is indispensable existence. The certain achievement is continued steadily in the various fields of the society.
We'd like to grow the young energy which always builds the next generation through the positive posture sincerely as the member who produces the product charged with such important role.
To make the future society something bright.... as it is crystal.
One day a day, to and being perfect to tomorrow, certainly, I'll move ahead.

President Takayuki Nakao