Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company name
Takayuki Nakao
Head office
Arubateduka 1F,7-8-12 Oowada-Machi,Hachioji-City
Tokyo-Pref 192-0045 Japan
Phone number
TEL. 0081-42-643-6050 FAX. 0081-42-643-6055
Selling price
I fluctuate every quantity and product, therefore it'll be individual correspondence with a customer.
Shipping charge
I'll fluctuate by a delivery area, so it's trouble, but please inquire.
Order method
Method of payment
In cash on delivery about end lot items, please.
Origin makes a method of payment enter into an individual agreement with a customer for others.
Would a customer bear less than 10,000 yen of transferring handling charge.
Delivery of goods
It's possible to deliver to the foreign countries except for in Japan and a certain area.
I'll usually report a delivery on the next day-on day after next. (It's sometimes delayed by convenience of the
transport firm.)
About return
When goods different from damage of goods or an order are arrival at the time of transportation, I'll account and change. In 7 day in the range after arrival of goods.
Please send back by shipping charge evil company cash on delivery in a door-to-door delivery service.
Exchange besides the case above-mentioned I can't receive, but if there is an unclear point at the time of arrival of goods, return is by an e-mail or the telephone.
Please tell.