Order Method

Usual order
I'll manufacture KATASUMU items according to the specification a customer designates.
When ordering, your order is given for FAXe-mail by the customer designation format.
When being in a hurry, an order by telephone is also given, so please order.

End short date order
I'll manufacture a product according to the specification of our designation. A hurrying person use this, please.
When ordering, download our designation format, and please order in fax or an e-mail.
I cut down an order by principle telephone, so please accept it.
Our design order sheet
It's an order sheet more than here.Download Please do.
※ It's trouble, but the customer who can't download it call or inquire and make a contact more than the form, please.
I'll send an order sheet in fax or an e-mail more than us.
Order sheet way to
fill in
Please download a specification more than here.
Crystal oscillator HC-18/R ver specification*Quartz oscillator TXC ver specification*The surface mounting type TQC
ver specification
It's trouble, but please indicate a specification on the order sheet which downloaded "the form" and "frequency
(the MHz)" etc. in reference.
Delivery and method
of payment
It'll be cash on delivery, so when taking goods back, would you pay the transport firm who delivered goods by cash directly?
I'll hand you a receipt at the place. A statement of delivery I enclose with goods about a bill.
¥1,500 is needed as a shipping off charge about 1 order.
※ A shipping off charge and a consumption tax aren't included in the goods indicated on a price list in our