Crystal Device Process

quartz upbringing
In the high temperature and pressure container called "autoclave"
NI, please, it's brought up under the environment of 140Mpa 400 ℃. A crystal with the stable quality is different from natural quartz crystal and is made.

Cutting Angular measurement
Synthetic quartz is cut according to the specification of the purpose.
Is cut synthetic quartz the specification street?
Angular measurement is performed.
Ⅲ Grind The crystal frequency is decided by the thickness (in case of thickness slippery vibration).
It'll be high-frequency and be so that I make it thin, and so low-frequency that I make it thick.
It'll be. BEBARU processing and polishing are processed according to the specification.There is also a crystal O does.

The surface is rough for the crystal even cutoff-outline machining did.
The stable special quality isn't obtained.
Roughness which is the crystal surface by an etching and washing, removal.I'll make the quality become stable.
Ⅴ Pole formation A pole is formed into a crystal.
When there are no poles, a piezoelectric effect isn't obtained, and I don't oscillate.
I oscillate by forming a pole and adding the voltage.
Ⅵ System It's in the terminal called a base to maintain a crystal.
A crystal is included. A joint of a crystal and a base?
It's joined by conductivity glue.

Frequency adjust
There is looseness in a frequency for a crystal after pole formation.
If it's just as it is, influence occurs to the quality.
To make the quality become stable, frequency trimming is performed and it's equal.
It'll be the crystal which makes the specification meet.
Ⅷ Seal To stop influence of the temperature in the atmosphere and the humidity, it's a cap.
It's covered and direct influence is prevented.
These are also tied with antioxidation of a pole and stabler.
It connects to a done crystal.
Ⅸ Check It's temperature tolerance and turning on whether customer's way is met.
The check by which it's for tolerance is performed.
A severe check is finished, and it's delivered to customer's hand.