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A corporation Vectron is the making and selling manufacturer which makes the crystal oscillator quartz oscillator quartz-crystal filter application product of other ones a major.


  • "V.C.T." is the original brand of the corporation Tokyo quartz. The most advanced technology, and, a product has been developed by free idea.
    I'll propose the style which can live up to customer's expectations.
  • "V.C.T." then, I'll offer you the receipt of order-service to correspond quickly, which does information sharing in the inside of the company timely, and can just have a customer meet an offer of goods.
  • "V.C.T." then, I'm also concentrating my energy on home sales and overseas sale.
  • "V.C.T." a product is the whole product Made in JAPAN.
  • "V.C.T." then, it'll be based upon a guideline and be the whole product "It's RoHS and lead-free." fitness items.
    Or, it's being distributed to an environmental issue and a firefly killifish orchid is being brought up by staff's autonomy. These are also related to self-development of work force as well as an environmental issue.

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August 12,2015
VCT renewed a homepage.
May 23,2016
Start seling MEMS.
Product information update